April 18, 2008

community service announcement

kylie auldist

community service announcement 12"
2008 / tru thoughts
link removed at request of record label

a great soulful number from the tru thoughts label. auldist's rich vocals are reminiscent of nicole willis and amy winehouse - supremely soul.

come ye dreams

collage ensemble

parimad lood 1970-1976 (originally from melodiya lp)
1971 / ?

a warm calypso meal, with a little swing on the side. very laid back.

April 8, 2008

oya ka jojo

les volcans de la capital

analog africa volume 3 - african scream contest
2008 / analog africa

what a wonderful collection of raw and psychedelic afro sounds from the 70s. this album has been variously described as "a thrilling discovery" (the observer), "raucous funk gems from the 70s" (the word) and "an explosive afro-funk collection dripping in the feel of hot nights in crumbling mud-brick nightclubs" (daily telegraph). definitely one of the best compilations released this year.

holdin' on (afronaut remix)

nicole willis & the soul investigators

keep reachin' up (above the clouds) [remixes]
2007 / timmion

juicy afro remix gives this nicole willis track a great dancefloor vibe.

March 13, 2008

you're the one for me

charles wright

doin what comes naturally
1973 / abc

charles wright (often with the watts 103rd street rhythm band) was a pioneering funk and soul artist of the 60s and 70s. he's probably best known for the classic 1970s track, 'express yourself.'

let's have a party

geraldo pino and the heartbeats

let's have a party
1974 / soundway

band leader from sierre leone, geraldo pino (aka gerald pine) is one of the unsung heroes of african popular music. he greatly influenced the soul/afrobeat scene of the 60 and 70s. make sure you check out the brilliant 'heavy heavy heavy', samples of which are here.

free delivery

odell brown

free delivery
1970 / cadet records

ordell brown, piano man from kentucky, has collaborated and composed with many of the great funk/soul artists of the 70s, including marvin gaye, curtis mayfield and minnie riperton. he co-wrote 'sexual healing' with gaye (and david ritz) in 1982.

March 10, 2008

new york joint

smoke & mirrors

dope on plastic 5
1998 / react

smooth hip hop from NY's smoke & mirrors...

the sound you hear

the wiseguys

the sound you hear / we keep on [12"]
1996 / wall of sound

another wall of sound gem, featuring sampled vocals from marlena shaw's version of california soul.

quit jivin'

pearly queen

keb darge's legendary deep funk [compilation]
1997 / bbe

i've posted a few tracks from this awesome album compiled by british dj and producer, keb darge. lovin the dirty funk feel to this one.

history repeating (ankle length mix)

the propellerheads featuring miss shirley bassey

history repeating [single]
1997 / wall of sound

great up tempo version of this track, original version from the 'decksanddrumsandrockandroll' album.

March 1, 2008

papa was a rollin' stone

sidney, georgie & jackie

jamaica funk - original jamaican funk & soul 45s [compilation]
2007 / soul jazz

what a great cover of the 1972 norman whitfield classic! enjoy :-)

February 28, 2008


jacko peake

still cookin' [compilation]
1994 / ubiquity

keeping with the theme, a nice downtempo jazz number from the ubiquity label, with the obligatory, ubiquitous, exquisite, jacko peake.

February 27, 2008

across the panhandle


the soulciety funk family "yellow" [compilation]
1993 / soulciety records

dipping once again into the soulciety funk family classic - this track with the great jacko peake on flute. cheers, juju.

February 20, 2008

unhooked generation

j-funk express

this is rare groove!
1995 / pony canyon

big soulful vocals from ada dyer ensure this funk classic breathes again - freda payne would be proud. listen out for fred wesley on trumpet.

February 12, 2008


the wiseguys

executive suite
1996 / wall of sound

regal and touche only released a couple of albums, but they were killer. Many fat and juicy remixes exist out there of their own and other's musak - very dope and cruisy. this track is off the first album, which is wicked.

you're losing me

ann sexton

you're losing me / miss me when i'm gone 7"
1973 / seventy seven records

soul singer ann sexton with a great funky track from the 70s.

mind power

james brown

the payback
1973 / polydor

bin a long time. here's a great ramblin track from the godfather, last track off the classic 'the payback' album.

September 4, 2007

cuttin' up

the johnny otis show

cuttin' up
1970 / epic
listen :: download

funky, bluesy track - with cruisey xylophone. born in california as john veliotes, a greek-american who in his teen changed his name to the blacker sounding 'otis'. wore many musical hats in his career as performer and producer, disc jockey and author. thanks to the ggc for the headsup on this brother.

northern girls


turntable soul music
2007 / tru thoughts
listen :: download

great band out of the uk on the very reliable tru thoughts label. lead singer kathrin deboer has moments of husky funkiness, similar to alice russell (another tru thoughts connection) all the time delivering vocals reminiscent of beth gibbons from portishead. very cool and fresh.

August 16, 2007

it's a new day

james brown

in the jungle groove
1986 / polydor
listen :: download

there's not much i can say about the godfather of soul - everything funky comes back to the man. great track here lifted off the album that gave us "funky drummer" and "give it up (or turn it loose)."

August 15, 2007

never say never


the soulciety funk family "yellow" [compilation]
1993 / soulciety records
listen :: download

another smokin' track from the yellow soulciety compilation - enjoy!

soul bossa nova


private funktion
2006 / jalapeno
listen :: download

skeewif are described as the "retropolitan sound of swinging london." this is a cool take on quincy jones' 1962 brazilian jazz classic, cut from the born the jazz movement mix over at royalgroove - check it out here.

August 9, 2007

get it

wilmer & the dukes

wilmer & the dukes
1969 / aphrodisiac records
listen :: download

originally a cover band (steve miller, rolling stones), wilmer and the dukes formed in the late 50s. except for wilmer, all the members were white, making the band stand out in the all-back clubs they mostly played in. the band only recorded one album, with wilmer providing the sax and vocals, except for this instrumental number.

August 6, 2007

brown sugar


brown sugar [single]
1995 / cooltempo
listen :: download

d'angelo is well known as a soul/funk producer and performer of enormous talent. this track's from his first album, a stripped back sexy dip into caramel mellowness.

August 5, 2007

oiganio (son numero seis)

bobby matos & the cuban jazz ensemble

chango's dance
1995 / ubiquity (cubop)
listen :: download

a latin legend, bobby matos is one of the best examples of today's latin jazz scene. released on ubiquity's latin arm CuBop, chango's dance is a classic album, filled with wonderful music moments. definitely seek it out and grab a copy when you find one.

tribute to jb family

the last minister

tribute to jb family 12"
1992 / rec in pause
listen :: download

funky dance track here from italian artist the last minister, full of jb samples with a juicy, thick groove. similar to jestofunk, and more like it can be found at the very delicious irma records.

stoned again

sound assembly

the acid jazz test - part 2 [compilation]
1994 / moonshine music
listen :: download

funky acid jazz with a hip hop feel, this record is a good compilation of 90s jazz/funk. nice and laid back.

August 1, 2007

gimme some time [featuring mounam]

mr. president

45T / 12"
2006 / favorite recordings
listen :: download

french producer patchworks delivers the funky stuff as mr. president. this is a collaboration with favorite recordings, however patchworks impressively wields most of the instruments on the track himself. hard funk in the same contemporary style as the bamboos or quantic.

July 31, 2007

suspicious minds

dee dee warwick

suspicious minds / i'm glad i'm a woman
1971 / rca
listen :: download

dionne's sister released this cover of 'suspicious minds' while elvis presley's version was still in the charts.