February 27, 2007

call me superbad (cay taylan remix)

james brown

dynamite x (compilation)
2007 / couch records
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a timely tribute to soul brother #1, this just released compilation of james brown remixes has some exceptionally funky reworkings of jb faves. thanks to keyser soze.

the way you move (full phat radio mix)

outkast (featuring sleepy brown)

the way you move (single)
2004 / bmg
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outkast are one of the most progressive hip-hop artists of the last 15 years. this is a deliciously dope dancefloor mix of their single from the album speakerboxx/the love below.

February 20, 2007

move on up (long version)

curtis mayfield

1970 / rhino
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the late curtis mayfield was a songwriter, musician and producer of immense vision. first as a member of the impressions and then as a solo artist, he helped define and re-define soul music, expanding the genre and taking it to new creative heights. this is one of my favorite curtis tracks, with its self-empowerment message, infectious chorus, and irresistable backbeat. the long version features extended percussive goodness and great sax.

February 15, 2007

what do I have to do

marva whitney

james brown's funky divas (compilation)
1998 / polygram
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this double album is a must-have, featuring tracks arranged by dave matthews, fred wesley, nat jones, and, of course, the incomparable james brown. great bass and percussion, with scorching soul sistah vocals courtesy of marva whitney.

take my time


stand up e.p.
2006 / ubiquity
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breakestra cut their teeth with mostly covers and sample filled breaks, but their 2005 album hit the floor announced their arrival with a collection of all original recordings fusing funk, hip hop and soul. vocals by choklate.

stay on the groove

the new mastersounds

stay on the groove (compilation)
2005 / freestyle
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the new mastersounds are a 4 piece funk band from leeds, england. produced by the legendary keb darge, this track has an old-skool feel, and hits the funk in true james brown style.

February 14, 2007

back in the ussr

ramsey lewis

the in crowd: anthology
2006 / Chess
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american jazz pianist ramsey lewis puts a spin on the classic beatles track - smooth, smooth, smooth. this guy is one of the originals, performing great jazz numbers since the 50s. check him out here.

tighten up [live]


60s or 70s
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keeping with the tighten up theme. this is live, and classic jb's.

February 13, 2007

tighten up

the bamboos

step it up
2006 / ubiquity
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ah, the perennial 'tighten up.' so many versions of this funk standard through the years. the bamboos hail from melbourne, and joined quantic soul orchestra when they toured a couple of years back. they are one of the best exponents of funk currently going around.

canto de ossanha

jurassic 5

2006 / interscope records
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a chunk of latin from jurassic 5; this track features percussive and acoustic goodness over a familiar, scratchy beat. enjoy.

February 12, 2007

mensagem de amor

lucas santtana

2002 / natasha records
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a soothing guitar backed with subtle percussion and enlivened by a gorgeous vocal melody by brazilian wunderkind lucas santtana, creates a new place for your mind to enjoy.

February 11, 2007

lisboa kuya

sara talvares

2006 / times square records
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sara tavares is a portugeuse singer/composer. her latest album, balancê, is a collection of beautiful, wistful melodies with laid back guitar and sunny vocals. a great article about her can be found here.

distorted roads

broken time orchestra

broken time
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this album is pure new sound, a fusion of broken-beats, soul, funk, deep house and acoustics - difficult to describe. this particular track grabbed me with its brief, muffled cover of a famous sadè song.

February 9, 2007

get the groove

peter thomas sound orchestra

unknown album
late 60s or 70s
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a relatively unknown german composer, peter thomas is best known for movie and tv soundtracks. from bossa nova to space age pop, i've found his music interesting and diverse. 'get the groove' is a tight, funky bass instrumental.

February 8, 2007

you got me thinkin'

the tornadoes with tyra hammond

you got me thinkin' / hui-hui
2006 / from the crate records
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opensouls is a nz collective of some of the hottest contemporary soul and funk jazz, delivered with an old school flavour. this 7-inch release is a great rolling funk track; awesome drums and horns, and great sassy vocals reminiscent of gladys knight.

scotch on the socks

the shadows

the dreams i dream / scotch on the socks (45)
listen :: git it!

an unexpected track from the shadows; very cool, with great, dirty guitar licks. an old 45 b-side, i did some digging and found this track is on a recent compilation by david holmes, cherrystones hidden charms.