April 30, 2007

i who have nothing (am somebody)

ray frazier and the shades of madness

old 45
? / stanton
listen :: download

not much info can be found on ray frazier - nevertheless what an awesome funk track. the label, stanton, was run out of california, and features one of atleast two recordings by this artist. cheers to a.k. over at soulshower for background on the label.

April 14, 2007

april funky 15 - "jungle groove"

new musak in the jukebox ... enjoy!

thelma jones / mr. fix it man
spanky wilson / sunshine of your love
titus turner / can you dig it
robert parker / hip-huggin
ray charles / baby it's cold outside
paul anker / smells like teen spirit
terry clark / el blues latino
john scott / mas que nada
omar feat angie stone / stylin
tone-loc / wild thing (remixed)
salt n pepa / push it (remixed)
bluezeum / can i get that funk
blackalicious / make u feel that way
sugar billy / supa dupa love part 1
timmie rodgers / super soul brother
james brown / it's a new day

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April 12, 2007

who is he (and what is he to you?)

gladys knight and the pips

standing ovation
1971 / motown
listen :: download

funky soul sistah at her best, covering the bill withers classic.

April 11, 2007


patti drew

blue note trip - saturday night (compilation)
1968 / blue note
listen :: download

what is it about blue note tonight? brilliant version of the ol' standard (there's also a great elvis version on the funky 15 jukebox). not sure where the original recording of this track comes from, but definitely check out blue note trip [saturday night/sunday morning], which has this and many more from the great jazz label. also keep an eye out for the upcoming patti drew compilation, workin' on a groovy thing.

sookie sookie

grant green

1970 / blue note
listen :: download

another blue note joint (in fact, lou donaldson introduced grant green to the label), green is one of the great, unsung jazz guitarists. i love everything about this track - the sprinkling of latin percussion, the keyboard and sax solos, the howls of delight by the musicians as they get their groove on. awesome.

everything i do gohn be funky (from now on)

lou donaldson

everything i do is funky
1970 / blue note
listen :: download

i regard this as donaldson's best album, accompanied with the usual funky suspects idris muhammed, melvin sparks, lonnie smith and blue mitchell. one of the great jazz alto saxophonists, I found this quote by him...aww brother, yes - i dig...hope you enjoy the track.

"I don't care what kind of style a group plays as long as they settle into a groove where the rhythm keeps building instead of changing around. It's like the way an African hits a drum. He hits it a certain way, and after a period of time, you feel it more than you did when he first started. He's playing the same thing, but the quality is different -- it's settled into a groove. It's like settin' tobacco in a pipe. You put some heat on it and make it expand. After a while, it's there. It's tight."

April 10, 2007

fire eater

rusty bryant

fire eater
1971 / prestige
listen :: download

rusty bryant had his best moments with funk-soul-jazz numbers in the late 60s and early 70s. this is a great jazz track, and showcases the tenor saxophonist hittin' it hard. enjoy!

April 6, 2007

super duper love (are you diggin on me?)

sugar billy (willie garner)

old 45
1974 / fast track
listen :: download

i recently heard the joss stone cover of this track, and was instantly hooked - it's such a bright, sunny soul number. this original version is an equally great chunk of funk/soul. hope y'all having a good easter.

April 4, 2007

i only have eyes for you

the flamingos

flamingo serenade
1959 / end records
listen :: download

after reminiscing with a friend, i had to go diggin for this doo wap treat. though not the original (that was dick powell in 1934), i think it's the best version - a veritable soul classic. so lay back, close your eyes, and think ponytails, diners and old chevrolets...

April 3, 2007

low rider


why can't we be friends?
1975 / avenue records
listen :: download

an old-skool favorite of mine...i love this track. it's been sampled quite a bit, most notably by the beasties on "slow ride" from licensed to ill. it also features in the cinematic cheech & chong classic, up in smoke. ah yeah.

remember [live]

ben harper and the innocent criminals

faded e.p.
1993 / ?
listen :: download

an early ben harper cover of an older jimi hendrix tune. juan's bass solo in the middle of this track has to be heard - sooo wicked. for jadeypoo.

going home

black grass

black grass
2003 / catskills records
listen :: download

a chilled, downtempo groove from the black grass crew. I keep on encountering mixes by these guys, all supremly funky. this album is killer, and definitely check out their myspace for some awesome mixes.